Best Channels for Finding Work in London

How do Aussies and Kiwis go about finding work in London?

Best channel for finding work in London - UK recruiters

Our survey of professionals delivers a resounding thumbs-up for UK recruiters.

Making the move to the other side of the world is a big step. Understanding the best channels for finding work in London and putting your best foot forward improves your chances of being among the majority of our London community who slip their feet under their desk within the first four weeks.

Perhaps skewed by us asking people who we introduce to UK recruiters, it is no surprise that recruitment consultancies are the main channel used to find a job. More than 90% used UK recruiters a lot in their job search, followed by LinkedIn at 45%.

Interestingly, Facebook doesn’t rate as a channel for finding a job and more than half never use Google or personal connections (family/friends). The last finding flies in the face of conventional wisdom which suggests up to 80% of jobs are gained through personal contacts.

Best advice for finding work in London

When you’ve left your home country behind and you’re entering a new market, working with local recruitment professionals can be your best way in as well as a great source of advice.

Recruiters offer face to face advice and information and make the process of finding a role a lot simpler than any other channel. They open you up to many more opportunities” – Sinead C.

But that relationship cuts both ways. Our survey respondents shared some sound advice for newly landed professional.

Find a recruiter that is focused on relationships not one that is doing the churn and burn” – Lynden M.

With many professionals entering the UK on time-limited visas, landing a permanent job is less likely. Our survey showed more than 80% of jobs were contract roles in the fluid and fast-moving contractor market. This has implications for how you find work.

LinkedIn is great due to the range of jobs and ease of access but mainly focusses on permanent roles. Job boards are great because you don’t need to deal with recruiters however recruiters are still probably the best way to actually land a role” – Lauren W.

While LinkedIn and job boards are great channels for finding permanent roles, most of the people that we help find contract roles. For this reason, we advise people to focus on working with UK recruiters, primarily using LinkedIn and job boards as research channels to support your job search.

Next steps

Whether you’re on a time-limited visa and looking for a contract role, or looking for sponsorship into a permanent role, our team in London can help. We are in daily contact with UK recruiters and can provide individual feedback directly from the coal-face.

SOURCE: Landing a Job in the UK Survey, Global Career HQ, January 2018

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