13 Tips for a Successful International Career Move

An international career move is a great advantage and asset to your career.

It gives you global attributes that many employers desire. Here are the tips and tricks to absolutely nail your international career move – no hiccups included!

1. Understand the Recruitment Process

It takes a lot of communication between the company and the recruiter, which might mean sometimes you’re left out of the loop for longer than you expect. Be patient throughout the process, but also don’t be afraid to follow up with recruiters during the process of a career move.

2. Save enough money to cope with not working for a period

Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Life is all about fun, so don’t take this overseas experience for granted and make the most of this limbo period. Also, it’s very hard to already have a job locked down before arriving. Do not stress, recruiters and employers will just want to meet you in person.

3. Join an Aussie or Kiwi support page

When you’re homesick, there’s nothing better than complaining about it with other homesick people! But seriously, these career groups will help you put things into perspective – you are so lucky. Make the most of it while you’re young.

4. Have all the documents to set up a bank account

It can be a slow process setting up your new bank account. Proving your new address can be a big problem while pursuing an international career opportunity. Avoid this hassle by getting your current bank redirecting your bank account statements to your new address before you leave.

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5. Know yourself

This may sound simple, but getting a job means you are going to be talking about yourself a lot! Prepare your own CV, practice and become good at interviewing, know what type of role you want and know what you need to be to get it. This will help to ensure career development.

6. Up-skill while you’re still at home

Got a job now? Get the most out of it before you ditch! Look at what skills are required for your career development overseas and up-skill in your current role while you can.

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7. Make the most of travelling

It’s possible to further your career AND travel at the same time. Get a job as quickly as you can, get the money rolling in so you have more career options.

8. Be proactive in your job search but keep it under control

Avoid the ‘spray and pray’ approach at all cost. Don’t be afraid to approach the companies you want to work for, but don’t try to cover the whole market in one shot. Be selective about who you send your CV to, and make sure you know where it is at any time.

9. Don’t be afraid to take short-term work to get some experience on your CV

The contract market is where most Aussies and Kiwis start their working life in London. It’s a great starting point and the quickest way to get working when you arrive in a new country. And with a bit of local market experience, you’ll find it easier to select from varieties of career options from your new country.

10. Buy your wardrobe over there

It’s cheaper to shop for your work wardrobe once you get there and it will save you luggage. Plus, treat the shopping spree like a present to yourself for finally making the big career move!

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11. Talk to others

Know someone who’s made an international career move? Call them right NOW! They would love to talk to you. They are going to be the most helpful and sympathetic person you will come across in your journey.

12. Time it well

You’re better off to avoid job seeking during peak holiday periods when employers, hiring managers and recruiters are likely to be taking a break. Time your arrival to hit town during peak hiring periods such as year ends and after summer.

13. Just dive in and do it

You will not regret it. Just remember, “Plan, prepare and get organised BEFORE you go” to make the most of the experience. Grab that international career opportunity today!

We have 20 years of experience helping people just like you with their international career move!

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