Insights from Expats Living in London

How is the job market for the Australasian expats living in London?

With the Brexit saga continuing to drag on (and on) and hitting the headlines with increasing frequency as we approach D-Day, we were interested to learn how our community of expats living in London was getting on.

Thanks to the 250 Australasian expats living in London who completed last month’s “Landing a job in London” survey. The feedback provides an important insight for compatriots back home of life in London for expat Australian and New Zealand professionals.

Market of choice

Australasian Expats in London

While a little bit of shine gone off working in London, 75% of Aussie and Kiwi professionals in London still rate it as the best place to work.

The most significant change over the past year is an increase in the number of expats in London rating Australia as the best place to work 21% in 2018 vs 11% in 2017.

New Zealand languishes in a distant 3rd place with just 4% rating it the best place to work (down from 7% in 2017).

Time to get a job

Australasian expats in London

The time it took to find a job in London increased slightly in 2018.

The number of finding work within 4 weeks dropped slightly from 74% in 2017 to 69% in 2018.

Ease of finding a job

Australasian expats in London

Maybe our message to “plan, prepare and get organised before you” is getting through to expats living in London.

Ironically, while people reported that it took slightly longer to find a job. An increased number reported that they didn’t have any difficulty finding a job in London.
Just 12% (vs 18% in 2017) reported difficulty finding a job.

Looking ahead

Australasian expats in London

So how were Australasian expats in London feeling about this year?

When we asked people in London if they thought it would be harder or easier to find a job in London in 2019, results suggest that they expect it to be harder than 2018, but about the same as 2017.

SOURCE – Global Career HQ Research – Landing a Job in London survey, January 2019

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