For Recruiters

Fresh talent, first access

To make it quick and easy for candidates in Australia and New Zealand to get a job in the United Kingdom, we help candidates:

  • Create an online profile for the UK job market within minutes
  • Connect with our network of specialist recruiters at the right time
  • Arrange multiple interviews prior to departure within 24 hours
  • Maintain access to up-to-date recruiter details, contacts and jobs in one place
  • Get a job before they go

Three NEW ways to engage directly with Global candidates

To make this possible, we help recruiters:

  • Promote jobs directly to candidates
  • Post jobs directly on our website
  • Promote recruiter brands directly to candidates


How does this help UK recruiters?

  • FRESH TALENT – Get direct access to candidates in Australia and New Zealand
  • Customise recruiter profiles shared with candidates
  • Manage jobs promoted to candidates
  • FIRST ACCESS – Receive immediate alerts for new candidate submittals
  • Continue to receive pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates
  • Arrange interviews directly with candidates in Australia and New Zealand
  • SUCCESS-FEE BASED – Unlike traditional job boards, you only pay for candidates you place

Get first access to a fresh pool of talent.