Great Interview Questions to Ask

Use and change them to suit your job opportunity

We have compiled a few excellent, yet simple interview questions to ask during interviews.

#1 What is the working environment like?
Asking this question will help you understand how you can fit into the company’s working environment and culture.

#2 How did you start, and why have you stayed here?
*Only use this if you have researched the interviewer’s history*.

This has to be one of the best questions to ask in a job interview, showing that you are interested in other people, their expertise and experience (naturally, people also love to hear about themselves).

Politely ask something like: “I understand that you’ve been working at this company for 10 years. How did you start, and what’s your favourite part of the job?”

#3 What are you ideally looking for in a person?
This question tells you exactly what the employer is looking for. Therefore, try to ask this question as early on in the interview as possible.

For example, if their response is: “We are looking for someone who combines good intellectual qualities and the ability to engage with clients”. Your answers should clearly articulate that you are that very person, for the rest of the interview!

Bonus: Interview preparation checklist

  1. What is the nature of the interview? Is it behavioural, competency-based (see our separate guide) or an informal chat?
  2. Will you have to supply examples of previous work or make a presentation?
  3. Who will be in the interview and what are their titles within the company?
  4. Where is the interview (room number/location)?
  5. Do you have a backup plan in-place if there are unforeseen problems?
  6. What dress policy does the company have? Is it casual or do most people wear suits? Ensure you dress accordingly at the interview.

Still not sure what to do? Our Team will happily provide you with friendly expert advice.