Job Market of Choice for Aussies & Kiwis

How does the UK job market compare to Australia or New Zealand? 

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In early 2018, we asked our community of Aussie & Kiwi professionals living in the UK to rate which country was the best to work in? We did the same at the beginning of this year & this is what we found out:

The results show a slight decline in those favouring working in London from 83% in 2017 to 75% in 2018.

The main change over the past year that we have seen in the is in the number of people saying that the best place to work is in Australia with an increased number from 11% to 21%.

The homeland may be becoming a more appealing job market, or not?

Over the same period, New Zealand has slipped further behind with its rating falling even further from 7% in 2017 to 4% last year.

So what did compatriot who has taken the plunge to work in London have to say? We think the following quotes from our most recent “Landing a Job in London” survey best capture the sentiment of expats in London:

If this is something you’ve been thinking about for a while, I really encourage you to follow your instincts, be bold and take a chance. Moving abroad without a job, home or network is hard but by far the most rewarding thing I’ve done. You’ll learn so much about yourself whilst building resilience, patience and having the time of your life!” – S.L

Be bold, take chances, give yourself the chance at taking all opportunities from all sources and be open to doing new things.” -S.D

I found the move to London a huge success. I’m earning more than I would ever be able to earn back home in New Zealand and have the opportunity to work on a large-scale infrastructure project which I would never have been able to otherwise. I think London is a ground-breaking city and a world leader so it’s a big step up the career ladder if you’re ready to take it seriously. Find something you love, get qualified in NZ and get over here.” – T.A

Do it! It’s been the best 18 months so far! Once you’ve settled in you really start to enjoy all that London has to offer.  I’ve been given some amazing career opportunities and taken advantage of the travel.” – S.K

Despite a change in numbers and a stronger interest in moving back home to Australia. There is a strong vote and push on ahead for working in London as the number one job market! 

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