Moving To The UK: Checklist

Helpful tips to make your UK move easy.

Our UK checklist for Aussies and Kiwis heading to the United Kingdom, covers the essential information you need to address to get 100% prepared for the UK job market.

Market Knowledge

Knowledge is power! As a starting point, make sure you have sufficient UK job market knowledge to make an informed decision about working there, and to take steps towards achieving that goal with confidence.

Travel Plans & Visas

If you don’t have a UK or EU passport, you need a visa to work in the UK. It’s that simple. UK work visa options for people wanting to work in the UK are equally simple and clearly set out on the UK Border Agency website. 

Getting Ready

With a general understanding of the UK job market, it’s time to get seriously prepared. Learn about the market and where your skills fit in, line up your references, update your interview skills, learn how best to work with recruiters, assess the benefits of working on a permanent vs contract basis.

CV & Online Profile

Take ownership of your CV and get it in UK format. This is your core pitch document when it comes to interviewing, and you must be able to talk to it with absolute confidence. At the same time as getting your CV bang-on, update your online profile. Online profiles need to support both your CV and professional image (i.e. watch what you post on social media channels like Facebook as recruiters & employers look at that as well).

If you haven’t started a UK-focused CV yet, be sure to download our FREE UK CV template and guide as it will help save you a lot of time. 

Relocating & Setting Up

Aside from the important matter of getting a job in the UK as quickly as possible, there is no shortage of small items to tick off – resigning, registering for the UK Traveller Service, transferring money to the UK, opening a UK bank account, getting a UK mobile phone number, arranging a place to self isolate and a raft of other small (but important) items.

Job Search

Fully armed with UK job market knowledge and plenty of attention paid to both your CV and online profile, it’s time to get on with the job search. After a final check to make sure that all is in order, it is time to select which of our recommended UK recruiters you want to approach. 

Contracting in London

More than 80% of Aussies and Kiwis heading to London start their working lives in the contract market, the traditional stomping ground for Aussies & Kiwis on their Big OE. If you find work in the contract market, you have an opportunity to maximise your take-home pay by working through a company structure
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UK Checklist