Open a UK Bank Account

We reckon Wise is the easiest

Used by more than 10 million users, worldwide.

One of the biggest issues job seekers have is opening a UK bank account. This is because most traditional UK banks require that you are already in the country and take several weeks to activate your account.

There is a much easier solution though. Wise allow you to easily open a UK bank account BEFORE you arrive and in a matter of minutes. For those that don’t know, Wise have been leading the way with international money transfers for a number of years, and received investments from the likes of Richard Branson and PayPal co-founder, Max Levchin.

Not only are they up to 7x cheaper than other banks, Wise also use the real exchange rate and there are no cheeky hidden fees to worry about. It’s also worth noting that you can receive payment in eight other currencies too, which is pretty handy if you have bills to pay back home or plan to send money back there.

In summary, if you are looking for an easy way to setup a UK bank account, competitive fees and fast transfers, look no further than Wise. We personally use it for making our Refer a Friend payments and cannot rate it enough.

Setup a UK bank account with Wise.