Psychometric Testing Tips


Psychometric tests are ability tests and personality questionnaires designed by psychologists for assessing critical qualities for job success. This includes areas such as solving problems, communicating effectively and being innovative and creative.

Tests typically consist of numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning tests. These are increasing in popularity and are often used as an initial screening method for employers.

We estimate that approximately 45% of applicants undergo testing, either post or pre-interview. If you are currently job searching you will no doubt become familiar with ‘Weirdly’ and ‘SHL’, the “psyche test” that are en vogue. Knowing how to succeed in psychometric testing is your ticket to moving ahead in your chosen career.

The best approach

Always keep in mind that there are no right or wrong answers – Just be 100% honest. They are designed to test your suitability to a role or company. If you don’t “match”, then the outcome is as much for your benefit as it is for the employer.

With this in mind, don’t stress! Psychometric tests are a small part of the whole process and even if you weren’t particularly strong in one area, you can usually caveat it when your prospective employer talks to one of your referees.

Psychometric Testing Tips

Five tips for psychometric testing

#1 Research the role
Before you take the test, re-read the job description or advertisement. There will be clues as to what attributes the right applicant has (make sure you best fit the description).

#2 Be physically and mentally prepared
Tiredness and stress can adversely affect your scores in the aptitude and intelligence testing. Get plenty of sleep the night before and take ample breaks between the tests.

#3 Manage your time carefully
All testing is timed. In addition to this, psychometric tests are generally designed so that only 1-2% of people finish them. The good news however is that you can still score highly even if you don’t complete the test – Easier and harder questions score the same. If you are struggling with a question, simply move on to the next one and return to it later (if you have time).

#4 Prepare
The key to succeeding in psychometric testing is preparation. Research the company you are interviewing for and highlight their key values, company culture and try to identify the type of employee they are searching for.

#5 Practice is key
We recommend trying some of the practice tests below.

Easy as that. We also recommend checking out our post on the 23 most common interview questions and how best to prepare for them.