Risk | Scotland

Risk | Scotland

About The Role



Job Overview
• Designing and implementing an overall risk management process for the organisation, which includes an analysis of the financial impact on the company when risks occur
• Analysing current risks and identifying potential risks that are affecting the company
• Evaluating the company’s previous handling of risks
• Establishing the level of risk the company are willing to take
• Preparing risk management and insurance budgets
• Risk reporting tailored to the relevant audience
• Explaining the external risk posed by corporate governance to stakeholders
• Creating business continuity plans to limit risks
• Conducting policy and compliance audits, which will include liaising with internal and external auditors
• Building risk awareness amongst staff by providing support and training within the company

Experience Overview
• Relevant experience in working in a risk management role

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Professional Quals
CA, CPA, ACA, CIMA, ANZ, SAICA or equivalent

University/College Degree


Work Type
Contract or Perm

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