Tips From Aussies and Kiwis Living in London

Thinking about living in London and getting some overseas experience?

Start learning what you need to know by taking advice from our Australian and New Zealand expat community living in London. We’ve just updated our selection of the best tips and advice from Aussies and Kiwis living in London.

These 20 tips are from people who have been there and done that! Read on to get some insights into how to do it better.

Recruiters were very forward with their job specs, making it easy to know what options are out there and apply.” – Praddy

Recruitment consultants seem to be the most efficient way of finding jobs. LinkedIn is a useful resource for getting in touch with recruitment consultants as approaching them directly can be more time consuming.” – Tom

Start your job search approx 6 weeks before you decide to move to London. It’s always better to be as prepared as you can!” – Chloe

It’s not as hard as you think. If you have a network of people set up use them. Especially if you can save money in your first few weeks by staying with a friend or family. The hardest thing for me was finding a flat without a job, so it’s definitely easier if you have somewhere to stay when you arrive. It’s also a very expensive city, so make sure you’ve saved, especially if you’ll be flatting before getting a job.” – Ryan

Recruitment agents are either really good or worthless. It’s worth finding a good one based on word of mouth and forming a good relationship with them.” – Sean

Be as organised as possible. Get a bank statement sent over prior to arriving and keep a record of all open recruitment opportunities.” – Ashleigh

Save lots before moving. Be prepared to take a job you don’t like in the beginning. Keep an open mind.” – Noel

Important to use online job boards and ensure that your CV is visible so that recruiters can see it and they can contact you with roles as well.” – Nadia

Start your UK job search with Global.

Be patient, there is plenty of work on offer it might just take a couple of weeks to land the right job.” – Jacob

Depending on timing of year and industry. I would say due to the demand it’s easy for contracting in the finance industry.” – Richard

The first month will be more expensive then you think, global are great to help you with the process make sure to engage with them, recruiters can be tough but it’s worth it to get a good job.” – Jennifer

Make sure you have your qualification completed; there is a large pay rise. Confidence is key, don’t let the recruiters bully you into a role you don’t want. Stick to your guns.” – Tom

Finding a job is not as easy as people said it was, be prepared for multiple rejections despite the bigger financial district and job market.”

Absolutely do it, at worst you can have a European holiday and move home again!” – Peggy

Do it! The remuneration is obviously much better. But the size and scale of industry in London doesn’t compare (especially for New Zealanders) so the experience you gain is invaluable” – Jamie

Speak to friends, recruiters, etc. Take in as much information as you can to avoid others mistakes.” – Oliver

Save a lot of money. Don’t rely on recruiters. Be proactive.” – Emily

London is a great place to live and work and get a full life experience. It gets you out of the bubble that Australia can be at times. On top of this, the work experience you gain should be recognised worldwide and will hopefully open up more doors in the future.” – Tom

Due to my working restrictions (2-year work visa) I found recruiters to work the best as they have been able to get me ongoing contract work but past experiences have proved other platforms like LinkedIn have worked well too.” – Christopher

DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! And make sure to use Global Career HQ … they are really good!” – Nathan

What’s the key piece of advice from Aussie and Kiwi professionals already living in London? Plan, prepare and get organised before you arrive.

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