UK CV Guide & Template

What are the secrets to creating a great CV for the UK job market?

Here are some quick CV tips and tricks…

To help Aussie and Kiwi professionals heading to the UK on their OE, Global Career HQ offers guidance on how to prepare your CV for the UK job market, and provide a free UK CV guide and template.

Trust us, we know what we are talking about here!

We’ve helped a lot of Aussie and Kiwi professionals adapt their CVs for the UK job market. Since 2000 we’ve helped more than 30,000 people find work in the UK, and getting your CV in the right format is where the journey begins.

Drafting a CV

The first page is key

Recruiters, HR and hiring managers might look at hundreds of CV’s a day and need to gain an overview of your experience within seconds. Make sure your first page grabs people’s attention fast!

Keep it simple

Use a single font and colour. Unless you are applying for a role in the creatives group of an ad agency, an architecture role, or another area which specifically requires you to show your creativity in your CV then keep your CV professional and in a simple layout! Interviews are your opportunity to show your personality and flair.

Use bullet points

Wherever possible list responsibilities, achievements, projects etc with bullet points. This makes it much easier to read and visually separates your various skills.

Keep it concise

Ideally, two to four pages, although this is dependent on the amount of work history you have and the industry you work in.

Use our FREE CV guide and template

There can be an awful lot to cram into a CV of just two to four pages.

Based on our experience and feedback from leading UK recruiters and employers to whom we have introduced people over the years, we have developed a UK CV guide and template specifically for the UK job market.

To help you get started with updating your CV and translating it into a widely accepted UK CV format, download our free UK CV template and follow our tips and advice below.

Download our free CV template