Skills Shortage in the UK

Skills shortages main concern in the UKSkills shortages are major concern for UK companies

Skill shortages are still the main concern for firms according to the latest annual Employment Trends Survey. Commonly conducted by CBI/Pertemps Network Group.

‘Respondents expecting the UK to be a more attractive place to employ people over the next five years has dropped from +16% in 2015 to -21% this year.’

The importance of access to skilled workers has been emphasised by 41% of UK firms. Reporting they intend to expand their workforce in the year ahead. 64% of those surveyed said that the ongoing skills gap was the biggest threat to competitiveness.

Josh Hardie, the CBI deputy director-general, said:

“Businesses need the confidence they can employ the right people at the right time. They will continue to invest heavily in skills and training. Working with the government to grow the skills base needed for a thriving economy. Having an immigration system that provides access to both skills and labour while addressing the public’s concerns is essential.”

With uncertainty surrounding the UK’s relationship with the EU shaking business confidence, access to skilled migrants was the top concern of respondents with 58% citing it as a threat to competitiveness, that compared to 31% in 2015.

“With record employment levels, more people than ever are now in work, and the strengths of the UK labour market look set to yield positive results over the course of 2017. Businesses are 100% committed to making the best of Brexit. This year’s survey does show a greater sense of concern about the UK’s long-term attractiveness as a place to create jobs. Getting our industrial strategy right and understanding what the UK’s future relationship with the EU will be will help ensure that this worry does not negatively impact the future performance of the labour market,” said Hardie.

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