Will Brexit Affect the Job Market in London?

The team at Global Career HQ have been helping Aussies and Kiwis find work in the UK since 2000.

During this time, we have experienced and endured all of the economic ups and downs including 9/11, global financial crisis and subsequent global recession, and now Brexit.

What has been the impact of Brexit?

Back in 2015, we took the view that Brexit would not have any great impact on Aussies and Kiwis going to London.

Since the Brexit referendum, the number of Aussies and Kiwis heading to the UK to work has fallen 17 %.

While the flow dwindles as the Brexit debacle drags on and on, we are witnessing record demand of Australia and New Zealand professionals:

  • Nearly 90% don’t have any difficulty finding a job. More than half find it easy
  • 70% find work within 4 weeks of arriving
  • More than 80% don’t think it will be difficult to find a job in 2019

Brexit message from Aussies & Kiwis in London

So what does our Australasian community in London have to say about Brexit? How do they see it impacting the London job market?

The resounding message from nearly 80% of respondents to our “Landing a Job in London – 2019” survey was, “Don’t let Brexit put you off going to London.”

Just 6% recommended their compatriots put off heading to London to work.

Here is what they have to say when we asked:
“What impact do you think Brexit will have on finding a job in London?”

People are acting like its going to be the end of the world… but that’s just Brits right? Always thinking the worst haha. Everything will carry on as normal (maybe with a few little bumps), but the world isn’t going to stop moving all because the UK is getting a divorce from the EU. We all need each other, so there is incentive to keep things going.” NT

I don’t think the short term contract market will be too largely affected.” PS

Minimal impact!”

If its a no deal then could be very difficult as firms scale back project and funding for expansion until economy is less volatile.” MN

As long as there are no changes to the working visa rules for NZ and Australians, it may open up more jobs due to it being harder for people from the EU to obtain working status.” CM

May make it easier for NZ and Australians as less European competition and attitudes may change toward NZ and Australians workers” MB

Very little, if anything for the commonwealth it will have a positive effect due to decreased competition, however I believe the effect will be minimal.” TH

Not sure, most people think it will have a bad impact but I think it’s too soon to guess / won’t be as bad as many think.” ZM

I think once the situation is resolved, whichever the outcome there will be more confidence to hire.”

When asked to give advice for compatriots thinking about following in their footsteps to live and work in London, we think the following quote sums it up best:

Just do it – its a great life experience, you can earn good money and it’s a period of life that if you have the opportunity to move over to work you definitely won’t want to regret in future.”

In summary, landing jobs in London have not been overly difficult for the majority of Aussies and Kiwis. Those seeking new work have found it relatively easy to land a job.

While the Brexit headlines may be all doom and gloom, the present and future for Australians & New Zealanders working in London are favourable.

And the job market may even get better for Aussies and Kiwis in a post-Brexit era …. if and when we get there!

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