Refer A Friend Reward Scheme

Terms and conditions for referrals to qualify for the Global Career HQ (Global) “Refer a Friend Reward Scheme” are as follow:

  • The Referrer must have an existing personal or business relationship with the referred party (the “Friend”)
  • The Friend must be someone who the Referrer genuinely believes would benefit from an association with Global
  • A referral will only qualify if the Friend supplies the Referrer’s name to Global
  • The Friend must be eligible for a work visa or passport which entitles them to legally live and work in the United Kingdom
  • The Friend must be a job seeker seeking work in accounting, audit, banking or finance professions in London
  • The Referrer will receive NZD $200, AUD $200 or GBP £100 (depending on referrer location), for each qualifying referral
  • Payment will be made within seven days of the qualified referral (your friend) attending the first interview arranged by Global.
  • Payment of referral rewards will be made via Wise
  • Referrers cannot submit themselves as referrals for this competition
  • Friends already known to Global will not qualify as a referral unless they have not been in communication with Global for 12 months or longer
  • A referral will only qualify if the Referrer introduces the Friend to Global exclusively
  • Global retains the sole right to determine if a Friend introduced by the Referrer is a qualifying referral for the purposes of this scheme
  • Global may reject a referral at any time without giving a reason
  • The Referrer must not represent they are acting on behalf of or they have the authority to enter into any agreement on behalf of Global
  • Global employees are not eligible for this programme
  • Global may discontinue this programme for any reason, at any time and will not be liable for any loss of income the Referrer may incur
  • Global may change these terms and conditions at any time
  • This reward scheme is valid, and referrals will be accepted, up to midnight on 31 Dec 2022.

These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between the Referrer and Global Career HQ with respect to the referral reward.

Updated 30 August 2022