UK Employers & UK Roles

We’ve Got the UK Job Market Covered

Our team often get asked Where do you help people get jobs in the UK? and What sort of UK job can I get?

The short answer is that we work with a diverse group of UK recruiters that collectively cover a broad cross-section of employers and roles, across a range of professions. This means we can secure you the best possible job in the UK before you go.

However, for a more detailed answer we must consider the true scope of opportunity in the UK. For example, in a typical year we helped people get jobs at more than 500 employers, across 400+ different roles.

They say “a picture paints a thousand words”. Well, lists also do a good job at putting things into perspective; check the UK employers and UK roles lists below for some context.

500+ UK Employers

From the big names in the creative industry, media, consumer goods to investment banks, tech companies and multi-nationals. We are proud to say that we help people get jobs with an impressive range of UK employers.  

Browse the full list below or contact us for the latest information on who is employing Australian and New Zealand professionals in the UK. 

400+ Different Roles

Our key areas of specialism are the accounting, marketing and legal professions.

Once again, the range of roles that people find in these three professions puts into perspective the broad range of opportunities in the UK. 

Check out the list of roles that Aussies and Kiwis land in the UK in a typical year. There really is a job for everyone! 

If you are planning to work in London but aren’t sure if we can help, drop us an email and we’ll see if we can help. 

Keen to get your UK job search started? We can line up interviews before you go!